Crescent Fire is a member of the FireMed and AirLink Critical Care Transport program.

What is FireMed?

The FireMed program protects individuals from having any out of pocket expense if they or a member of their household needs an emergency ambulance. Under the FireMed program, your insurance is billed. They accept what the insurance pays as payment in full which means you will never get a bill for an emergency ambulance call. If you don’t have insurance you are still covered as your membership covers you in full.

  • FireMed is a voluntary ambulance membership program that covers you and your entire household for emergency medical treatment and transport services for one low annual fee.
  • Should a member require medically necessary ambulance transport, the department will bill the member’s insurance coverage and write off any remaining balance.
  • The member will not receive a bill for any balance.
  • This means no worries, no hassles, and no ambulance bills.
  • To enroll in the FireMed program please download the FireMed application and return it to Local Fire and EMS Department or AirMedCare Network

Click here to learn more about the FireMed Program.

What Is AirLink?

Few families realize that emergency air transportation can easily cost $15,000 or more, and it may not be covered in full (or at all) by your health insurance plan. AirLink memberships offset these charges by protecting you and loved ones from large out-of-pocket expenses. With an AirLink household membership, all individuals who reside at your residence are covered. (College students can be covered by the household membership if their primary address is the same as your residence.)

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